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The costs of a bad hire are enormous – just add together the financial investment in the hiring process, costs of poor performance, lost management time, reputational damage, decreased morale, and a reduction in employee retention.

According to authoritative sources, the average cost of a mis-hire can amount to six times the base salary for a sales rep, fifteen times the base salary for a manager, and as much as thirty-one percent or more of cash compensation for an executive.1,2,3

Jacobs Executive Advisors assists clients in reducing the chances of a mis-hire by deploying our proven assessment tools and insights to effectively place best-of-talent candidates. These assessment and validation tools improve the predictability of selection decisions. Our key tools include:

  • CSCE – Jacobs Executive Advisors’ position-specific, custom scoring tool, known as the Candidate Self Competency Evaluation, creates a vehicle for more objective measurement and comparison of each candidate’s competencies in connection with client-defined project criteria.
  • JobScan™ & ProScan™ – Developed by Professional DynaMetric Programs (PDP™), these job and individual personality profiling tools help inform our candidate placements.  JobScan™ is used to uncover key behaviors necessary for successful performance in any given targeted role. ProScan™ is used to identify a candidate’s resting-state behavioral preferences.  Later, we compare each candidate’s ProScan™ against each position’s JobScan™ benchmark, supported by customized, position-specific, behavioral questions. These questions seek to validate a candidate’s history in comfortably exercising behaviors that will be required of successful position occupants in our client companies. PDP™ has been validated according to guidelines and standards of the American Psychological Association and follows the principles for validation and personnel selection as endorsed by the Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology.

The behavioral insights provided by CSCE, JobScan™, and ProScan™, coupled with Jacobs Executive Advisors’ superior vetting and candidate evaluation process, allows our firm to optimally match the most qualified and valuable professional for our clients.

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