About Jacobs Executive Advisors

Jacobs Executive Advisors is a boutique search firm with superior segment expertise in insurance.  We’re recognized by our clients for exceptional performance, rigorous evaluation, expert industry analysis, integrity, and our warm relationship style.  Our executive, managerial, corporate board, and individual-contributor searches deliver industry-leading talent to drive organizational goals.

We firmly believe that corporate innovation, growth, and competitive advantage all hinge upon an organization's ability to retain superb human capital.  To this end, we aim to assist our clients in identifying, attracting, and delivering exceptional talent. Whether your staffing assignment is in the U.S. or abroad, Jacobs Executive Advisors has the resources and insights to fill it.

Our services include permanent placement searches, board director searches, interim professional staffing, compatibility assessments, organizational design consulting, hiring process engineering, compensation analysis, staff evaluations, market research, and relocation assistance.

Why Choose Jacobs Executive Advisors?

Our firm deeply and uniquely engages with our clients. We’ll commit our time and interest to explore where you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.  We dig deep to learn the strengths, weaknesses, nuances, and culture of your organization and its people. We do this not only to assist you in diagnosing your true needs, but also to assure that new-hires will be comfortable with all the characteristics that make your company unique. Rather than just filling an open slot, our comprehensive, intimate, and dedicated approach ensures the delivery of talent that will drive your long-term goals.  Time and time again, Jacobs Executive Advisors receives high praise for our work and project completion, along with our proven ability to select candidates that fit our client’s organizational culture and enhance company performance.  

What Distinguishes Us?

  • The record of our completion rate.
  • The strength of our character.
  •  The integrity of our words.
  • The quality of our work.
  • The depth and breadth of our knowledge.
  • The thoroughness of our approach.
  • The superiority of our process.
  • The rigor of our evaluations.
  • The warmth of our style.
  • The credibility of our actions.
  • The consistency of our performance.
  • The sincerity of our commitment.

Founded in 1989, Jacobs Executive Advisors is an affiliate of the MRINetwork, the nation’s leading professional staffing organization with 700 offices in more than 35 countries.

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