Client Relationships

Jacobs Executive Advisors is highly selective about the companies it represents. Within each of its industry specialties, we work with only a small list of clients and develop intimate and long-term relationships with them. As a result, our intentionally short client list maximizes the number of non-client organizations from which we can recruit.

Jacobs Executive Advisors earns a high degree of trust and confidence with its clients, participating with them on both strategic and tactical levels. Doing so has enabled us to become an extension of our clients' management teams. With staffing projects for example, we work with clients to objectively clarify position responsibilities and goals, identify key position initiatives, assess the contribution a position plays in overall organizational performance, and reveal position behaviors and skills critical to job success. Throughout this process, we become the most objective members of the selection team.

In the end, what counts most are the endorsements offered by clients. They affirm that Jacobs Executive Advisors delivers outcomes which clients themselves would not achieve alone.

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