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"The Only Real Misfortune,The Only Real Tragedy, Comes When We Suffer Without Learning The Lesson."


John Maxwell, a prolific writer and trainer on leadership, will be releasing a new book, “"Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn".

In a recent blog post from John introducing his new book, he discusses the power of learning from our losses.   Quoting Emmett Fox, a spiritual leader of years past, John emphasizes the point that, “The only real misfortune, the only real tragedy, comes when we suffer without learning the lesson.”

In this post, John furnishes a roadmap for learning from loss.  To tickle your curiosity, see the excerpts below.  Better still, read the full article by signing up for John Maxwell’s Leadership Wired.



… to become a learner from losses—you need to change the way you look at losses, cultivate qualities that help you respond to them, and develop the ability to learn from them. I believe you can do that using this road map:

 • Humility—The Spirit of Learning

 • Reality—The Foundation of Learning

 • Responsibility—The First Step of Learning

 • Improvement—The Focus of Learning

 • Hope—The Motivation of Learning

 • Teachability—The Pathway of Learning

 • Adversity—The Catalyst for Learning

 • Problems—Opportunities for Learning

 • Bad Experiences—The Perspective for Learning

 • Change—The Price of Learning

 • Maturity—The Value of Learning

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