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10 Point Guide To Mananging Conflict


Most of us don’t respond well to conflict.  On the subject of managing conflict well, leadership guru John Maxwell provides us with his typical extraordinary wisdom. To tickle your curiosities take a peak at the excerpts below.  Better yet, master the material by accessing the full article.


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The Ten Commandments of Handling Conflict

By John C. Maxwell.

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. .. approach conflict in a healthy and constructive way, setting the stage to work together to find a resolution that allows both of you to win.

1. Obey the 101% Principle. Find the 1% that you agree on and give it 100% of your effort

2. Love people more than opinions. Focus on the relationship over and above the issue

4. Learn to be flexible. "Does this really make a difference?” and “Will I care about this tomorrow?"

5. Provide an escape hatch for the other person in the conflict... “never let the [other party] lose face.”

6. Check your own attitudes... look in the mirror and see if your actions or attitudes are the cause of the recurring conflict.

7. Don’t overreact... when my response is more intense than the issue at hand, then my response is often about something else.

8. Don’t become defensive... most conflict is not directly about us. Instead, it’s a problem to be solved by two or more people.

9. Welcome the conflict... there will be disagreements and misunderstandings. Rather than running from conflict, or reacting with horror when it comes up, focus on resolving it together and making it a learning experience.

10. Take a risk... everyone in relationship gets hurt... choose every day to be vulnerable with others, to believe the best about them, and trust them.

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