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"The Talent Paradox" - Deloitte's Top 10 Challanges For P&C


It should come as no surprise that “Deloitte’s 2013 P&C Insurance Outlook” cites staffing as one of the industry's top 10 challenges.

Forward thinkers may be eager to learn that Jacobs Executive Advisors has mastery, experience, and a record of success in executing the recommendations made by Deloitte. We welcome inquiries about the results we've provided to others and about solutions we can deliver for you and your colleagues.

To tickle your interest in Deloitte’s report, see the excepted section posted below.  Better still; follow the link below to access the full report.


Deloitte 2013 Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Outlook


The list of 10 challenges - #7 - Solving the talent paradox: Switching gears on recruitment and retention

…stiff competition for the most able job candidates... This challenge is exacerbated by the fact that a growing number of carriers are losing experienced personnel to retirement because of an aging workforce. At the same time, insurers find themselves in need of more highly skilled individuals

… reputational challenges and a lack of awareness about opportunities in the industry continue to hinder insurer efforts to recruit the best and the brightest out of college and graduate schools.

… More precisely [insurers should] identify what it takes to get the job done in each critical function so they can proactively and creatively seek out non-traditional candidates … they have to take steps to better understand the background and skill sets required of those in specialized positions, facilitated by the development of in-depth proficiency profiles that go well beyond basic job descriptions.

[Insurers must also] customize how they approach and motivate each segment

... due to the talent paradox they [insurers] are not going to be able to fill all of their critical roles with external candidates despite the large pool of unemployed workers available.

Insurers should also expand their available talent pool by diving deeper into the knowledge base, behaviors and personal attributes required to make their skilled players successful.


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