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Scott Sonnon: Flipping Challenges & Problems Into Assets - The Positivity Project

The Positivity Project - Monday and Thursday Evenings - 7:00-8:15pm (EST) - March 4 - May 2

 Note From Jim:

Great stuff!  I gained great knowledge from Scott Sonnon last night. Thanks Scott!!!  Among other concepts this included Scott's four point method for turning negatives into positives (Awareness, Gratefulness, Kindness, Diligence); how to flip a problem into an asset; and strategies to reduce stress, heighten focus, and increase composure through breathing.

 Except From Last Night's Interview With Scott Sonnon

 "...When you see a problem, look at it in the mirror. Flip it. For in that inverted image, you will find the clarity of your true genius. Honor those who have given you the support to do so, and hold them close".

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