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How Cultivated Positivity Leads to Better Work And More Success

Note from Jim

Humerous and powerful, do watch the 12 minute TED video below.  Shawn Achor spent 12 years of research at Harvard exploring the subject of human happiness.  He shares with us that each of us can raise our positivity.  What Shawn and colleagues have discovered is that positivity increases productivity, happiness, and success.

Shawn makes the following points:

  • Raising positivity in the present affords each of us the “Happiness Advantage”.
  • The Happiness Advantage is such that positivity raises the level of dopamine in the brain.  Dopamine turns on all the learning centers in our brain, allowing us to be more productive, adaptable, and optimistic.
  • Every business outcome improves with optimism and adaptability.  Optimism allows people to work harder, faster, and more intelligently.
  • Becoming more positive in the present increases success.
  • The brain can be trained to be more positive with a 2 minute, 21 day patterning program calling on us to do the following five activities :
    • 3 Gratitudes Each Day – Identity and record daily, 3 new things for which you are grateful. This practice prompts us to first scan our word for its positives every day.
    • Journaling – Record 1 positive experience of the last 24 hours.  This practice allows us to re-live the positive experience.
    • Exercise – This practice proves to us that behavior matters.
    • Meditation – Focus on the present and be fully committed to the moment. This practice allows us to overcome distractions wrought by the wandering mind (thoughts of past history or projections of the future), and instead, to devote our attention to the task at hand.
    • Random Acts Of Kindness – Praise someone once each day, preferably by email or in writing. This practice prompts us to recognize first, the good attributes of those around us.

Watch the video:

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