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Freedom - Vote For And Choose The Habit Of Happiness


You've likely seen other of my previous posts that point to the wisdom and enthusiasm of Lionel Ketchian, the inspiration behind The Happiness Club.

Within the past 10 years or so, leaders, practitioners, and academics in the field of psychology have been studying the concept of optimizing human flourishing.  Research and practice indicate that "Happiness", "Optimism", and "Flow" (Flow – the state of being swept into an endeavor to the point of enjoying it so much that there is no notice of the elapse of time), are states-of-mind and attitude that can be learned or cultivated.  Leading academic institutions like Duke, Harvard, and Yale provide courses on the subject – optimizing human flourishing.

In the spirit of Independence Day, Lionel argues that we each achieve our own independence by gaining mastery in making the CHOICE to be happy, regardless of the circumstance or individuals around us.

To tickle your curiosity read the excerpts below.  Better still, access the full article by subscribing to Lionel's free newsletter. You'll likely appreciate  the delivery of his monthly wisdom as a gift.



Be Happy Zone


By making your Declaration of Happiness you will be stating your independence. If you are unhappy, at the present time, then you are dependent on other people and situations to make you happy. Break free of those chains; proclaim your independence from dependence. Don't be dependent on anything to make you happy. As Robert Louis Stevenson said, "The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions."

 What is happiness? Happiness is an inner state of well being. It is a state of well being that enables you to profit from your highest: thoughts, wisdom, intelligence, common sense, emotions, health, and spiritual values. Happiness is a positive state of mind, and in many ways happiness cannot be defined because it is an individual reality. Happiness is a state of mental health. Happiness is a state of wealth. Happiness grants you the capacity to satisfy your desires.

Your vote for happiness will never let you down. Your vote for happiness is a vote for your freedom and the freedom of others. It is your right to be happy and do what is best for yourself. Stand up for your freedom!

 You can count on happiness to deliver the campaign promise of a better life for you and your loved ones.

 Election or selection, happiness is yours either way but your vote counts!


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