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How to Give a Meaningful Apology - HBR

Posted March 14, 2013

Note From Jim:

Have your behaviors offended or upset someone recently, a superior, subordinate, peer, life partner, child, parent, sibling, relative, friend, or neighbor?  If you're human, the answer is probably "yes". 

Did you extend  a meaningful apology, one that made a difference?  This is a nuanced topic of course, but it seems that there are essential components that make for a meaningful apology, one that leads to a path of healing.  How well do you follow the model detailed by psy...

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Master Your Own Happiness Regardless of Events, Circumstance, or People

Posted May 3, 2013


Every day each of us are responsible for securing our own happiness.  Most seek to derive their own happiness from individuals , events, and circumstances rather than by cultivating it within.

The World Observer published an article detailing methods to cultivating enduring happiness, all of which are in our own control.

To tickle your curiosity, the fifteen step’s are excerpted below.  Access the full article in order to start mastering these skills.World Observerread more »

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